“How to protect yourself from novel coronavirus”


For foreigners living in Japan “About Correspondence of New Coronavirus” Please use when foreigners have trouble.


Currently, there are about 230,000 foreigners living in Kanagawa prefecture . They came from all over the world such as China, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Brazil.

Many people are worried about the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Recently, it is said to be the second wave of infection , but it can be said that Japan’s medical care is superior to the world, so you act calmly . Please do not panic about fake news or other misleading information.


From now on, we need to take care to protect yourselves and your family from the new coronavirus, so I will first introduce what you can do.


Wear a mask when you go out. Since the shortage of masks has been resolved , please you can do as much as possible.

Let’s wash our hands. Alcohol disinfection is best, but soap or tap water is all you need .


Caution when meeting people. Japanease say “theree MITU” . Simply put, good ventilation in places where people gather, many people do not need to be in a small room, and space between people.


If you have any concerns or want to ask about the new coronavirus, please call “International Medical Information Center”. TEL03-6233-9266 (English is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm. For other languages, please see the Internet )


You will be asked to a crippled life to you, but a little bit more of I think patience. Let’s do our best together .


“ Take it easy and the sun always rises again”